Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three-parent embryo formed in lab by a Newcastle university Team

Embryo with three seperate parents is formed by a Newcastle University team. The also believe that this could help to eradicate some forms of epilepsy which is an heriditary disease. The embryo is created using DNA strains from a man and two women.

This technique could prevent the genetic defects passing from mother to the child. It'll also help women with diseases of mitochondria. According to facts about one in 6500 people is affected with such diseases. The symptoms include fatal liver failure, stroke-like episodes, blindness, muscular dystrophy, diabetes and deafness. As of now, there are no treatments for mitochonrial diseases.


Studies conducted on mice shows that the offspring with the new mitochondria carries no information from its parents. This method have genetic elements from three seperate people. The team now have only the permission to do lab experiments and cannot do treatment to anyone

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