Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ultra wideband Technology

Ultra wideband is a wireless technology designed for a short range, personal area networks (PAN). It can allow high data throughput with low power consumption for distance of 30 meters radius. It uses the radio signals. It will be the next generation of wireless technology which can interconnect the PC peripherals, consumer electronics and other mobile devices.

UWB can transmit a data maximum 1Gbps per second. It has a frequency range of 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. It uses technique called OFDM multi-carrier system, where data bits are encoded to multiple sub-carriers, while being sent simultaneously. UWB implements wireless USB protocol based on USB-IF specification. So it enables external attach host solutions.

UWB transmitter sends the billions of pulses with the specified bandwidth of 1Gbps. The receiver translates the pulse into data by listening the pulse sequence send by the transmitter. UWB offers the security via the receiver timing schemes. UWB replaces Bluetooth’s 1-2 Mbps bandwidth with 400-500Mbps data rates. The bandwidth of 1 Gbps can be achieved in future.

The features of UWB are wireless, inexpensive, automatic, interoperability, low interference, instant PAN, upgradeable and sharing of voice and data. UWB applications include wireless control of laptop, digital camera, PDA and etc.,

The UWB technology has not been commercially released yet. INTEL has announced that commercial product will be released in few months. It is going to replace all the existing wireless technology and it will rule the entire world in the future.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

3:10 to Yuma.....A fantastic Western!

The two leads are exceptional. Russell Crowe exudes badness and coolness and brilliance as the legendary outlaw, Ben Wade. The action is virtually non-stop which makes for a compelling, exciting story.

The main character played by Crowe is quite happy to murder law enforcement and his own gang members. Two performances stood out for me - Bayle and Ben Foster (Charlie Prince). Crowe was good, but it's not clear that he engaged with his role with his usual intensity. Watching Crowe' psychological games with his captors is creepy, yet humorous and at times, downright frightening.

It offers a glance back at the old-time westerns with a few nice improvements. Even if you don't normally appreciate westerns, the acting and action should be enough to make the time spent enjoyable.The script, the acting, the picture, the look, 3:10 to Yuma is a fantastic film that should not be missed.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Knowledge process outsourcing

That old saying, “If you pay peanuts, you only attract monkeys”, has proved particularly apt in the age of outsourcing. While 70 percent of the worlds outsourced tasks landed in India, the vast majority of these assignments tended to cluster at the bottom of the knowledge pyramid demanding hard work, concentration, patience, but not too much by way of brain work. The demographics of work outsourced to India changed sharply in 2005 as the industry here acquired both the confidence and the competence to bid and win more challenging tasks, which called for subject knowledge and domain expertise.

Bigger contract sizes

“Go up the value chain!” was the advice of the industry experts – and the Indian BPO players did just that, trapping in to the well springs of desi expertise in a wide array of disciplines to make to foreign customers a godfather-like offer they could not refuse.

Leading players like accenture, covansys, mphasis and symphony cannily reinvented themselves to address the new niche known as KPO or knowledge process outsourcing. Some like office tiger, which specialized in providing a combination of research and analytics as well as a wide spectrum of value added financial and transaction-processing services, quickly ramped up their Indian operations to better ride the KPO wave.

Average contract sizes, which rarely exceeded $2 million swiftly shot up to the $5 to 10 million bracket as Indian IT-enabled service players increasingly, displayed their knowledge-intensive and domain-specific skills.

Chennai and Bangalore emerged as the leading KPO destination and a variety of new domain niches soon put India on the global map. The global aircraft industry annually outsourced almost $1billion out of a total development budget of $2.8 billion. The leading Indian aeronautical development agency, HAL, soon counted both Boeing and airbus among its clients while TCS and Infosys led the march towards outsourced aircraft engineering services.

The similarity of the legal systems in India, the U.K and the U.S., created another huge opportunity which players like Datamatics, WNS and Evalueserve, were quick to seize, as third party BPO operations. When GE shed its captive BPO in India. It also handed on a platter vast expertise in legal outsourcing, which it had developed for over a decade.

The entire arena of the product engineering services (PES) was again an opportunity for India that companies like Wipro were quick to capture. By end 2005 almost a third of its revenue came from its 120-150 clients in the product-engineering arena. However, much of Indian product development ingenuity was displayed in the captive R&D centers of leading engineering players rather than in outsourced outfits.

Many new opportunities

Meanwhile every seems to throw up a new knowledge outsourcing opportunity and make of the “experts” came from non-traditional backgrounds. Growing stars, was offering personalized tuition Service Company, growing stars, was offering personalized tuition services to American children who seamlessly interacted with dozens of schoolteachers in kerala.

Their tutors, many of them full time teachers, had to get up at 4 am so that they could go online with their pupils on another continent, to help them with their evening studies and homework.

One emerging niche in the high-end of the KPO business was animation and computer generated imaging (CGI)

As the old frame-by-frame hand tooled animation gave way, worldwide, to new computerized 2-D and 3-D technology, Indian players cannily encashed a combo of artistic talent and computer graphics know-how to attract small chunks of the outsourced animation business.

The global ‘cake’ was estimated to be worth $55 billion during 2005,with Indian companies taking about $285 million. But industry estimates saw scope to double this share by 2009.

The mumbai based crest animation, clinched deals in 2005 to co-produce and o-finance three mainstream animated feature films with lion gate entertainment, emerging as one among a handful of studious that could handle both 2-D and 3-D. in the south, pentamedia was player which carved out its own space in 3-D graphics business.

The Indian end of based-in-Hollywood animation studios like rhythm & hues also played increasingly important parts in the making of major animated films by studios like Disney and pixar (now merged into one company).

It deployed over 50 artists for nearly 2 years to help in the computer effects that went in to “the chronicles of nornia”, one of Disney’s biggest box office successes last year.

The year 2005 also saw the establishment of the countries first-ever special economic zone (SEZ) for export only work in animation, within the KINFRA film and video park in thiruvananthapuam.

The opportunities for such resourceful knowledge outsourcing seemed limitless and when NASSCOM suggested that within 5 years, $12 billion worth, that is 70 percent of the worlds $17 billion KPO business, would come to India like an achievable target.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Fracture" – A Break into the Abnormal

The story is a suspenseful thriller, about a very clever and demented person who believes he can outwit the police, district attorney, and the court with his superior intellect. Its so rare in the last couple of years to watch a film that actually is more clever than its audience.In any event, I liked this movie. It was entertaining and the storyline of the Assistant District Attorney getting hired at a law firm after proving his mettle in court was realistic

In any event, I liked this movie. It was entertaining and the storyline of the Assistant District Attorney getting hired at a law firm after proving his mettle in court was realistic. Not only is this film packed with drama, excitement, and suspense, it is also dusted with just enough humor to make it one of the most supremely entertaining movies of the year

Monday, December 17, 2007

Memories Forever

Travelling through the journey called life in the realm of time, memories speak a lot on the path of your travel. once you reach your destiny and when you desire to turn back, you'll have those memories as monuments standing tall as milestones in your path of travel waiting for your revisit. you would have travelled the way with victories, defeats, love, guilt, affection, pain, tears, friendship,etc all these remain as memories. as your journey cascades into time some of you may not wish to turn around to see , for them their memories would have ruined and would disappear ruthlessley in time.though time makes you to travel in different directions, the memories will always be behind you like the shadow, following you always though these memories cannot be seen they can be felt deep within your heart and whenever you feel these memories there'll alwaya be a small smile and tears cornering your eyes. you travel the way which your brain indicates but when you listen to the voice deep within your heart ,it always say you to travel back to those memories whether sweet or not , to enjoy the pain again, again and again.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Keystroke logging

Did you know that someone might be tracking down whatever you are typing in your keyboard? If the answer to the above question is “NO”, then you should learn that your account is more prone to being hacked by someone. There have been many cases of people logging onto a public computer and losing their accounts to someone else. There have also been cases where people lose their credit card number to someone else without even realizing it. They only realize it when they get billed with huge amount.

Keystroke Logging, also known as Keylogging, has been becoming prominent these days. Keylogger, a tool used for keylogging, is used to track down whatever a person is typing in the computer. For every keystroke in the keyboard, the keylogger secretly tracks it and stores it. More shockingly, the information is not stored in ASCII or some coded form. It is stored in readable form and is in the same sequence as it was when it was typed.

There are three ways of Keystroke logging. One simple way is to install the Keylogger software which magically does the trick and stores the tracked information in some place inside your computer. The second way is to connect an external cable or hardware to the keyboard such that whatever the user types in the keyboard, it gets tracked. Punch card is a very good example.

When someone gives a credit card for billing, it is possible to duplicate the card with someone else’s photo in it. This can be done by connecting the card reader to some external device. If the credit card user is careless, he might end up losing the credit card details. There have been cases of keystroke hacking even in ATMs, where some external device might have been connected to the keypad. The third way is to install micro hardware inside a keyboard. This method is the most difficult, but the more difficult is, the more difficult it is to detect it.

How can you know whether keylogger has been installed in a system or not? If you think it is easy, it is not! Keylogger generally runs in the background without the user’s knowledge and hence you wouldn’t know whether it is actually installed in the system. Shockingly, it doesn’t even appear in the task manager. Then how can the hacker open the tracked details and access it? The keylogger can be opened with only a specific sequence of characters, decided by the hacker. It can be Ctrl + Alt + K or Alt + Shift + F or anything. No one would know.

Yes it is really difficult to find out whether the keylogger has been installed in a system or not. But the user can make sure that his password doesn’t get hacked while logging on in a public computer. One of a researcher of Microsoft has come up with an algorithm to avoid getting hacked by keystroke logging. The algorithm is as follows.


For every character the password begin


Type a part of the username in the username field

Type the next character in the password

Focus somewhere except the input fields and type some random characters

Type the next character in the password field


If the password is “hello”, and if you had used the above algorithm while typing the password, the keylogger might store the resultant password as this.

“asasdfhask2dsfeoasfoiylwojojaslsdfnsdfokljklnaskl”. If that is the case, there is a least chance of your password getting hacked. “Prevention is better than cure” is applicable in this case as keystroke hacking is one of the simplest way of hacking people’s account without the user knowing it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Have you ever been hooked? Been told some tall tales in e-mail? Ever wondered if the information you enter is requested from a legitimate site? If you are oblivious to these questions then, now is the time to spot a phishing attack!!!

Phishing -an online con game:

The term phishing comes from the fact that Internet scammers are using increasingly sophisticated lures as they "fish" for users' financial information and password data.

The scammers coax the web site of the organization to ph(f)ool the users. The copycat sites are also called spoofed Web sites. Once you're at one of these spoofed sites, you might unwittingly send personal information to the con artists and fall a prey to their guile.

I will never be phished!”

It doesn’t take long to be phished. On a bad day, tired in front of the computer with someone startling you by raising suspicion about your banking account withdrawals, it’s easy to click on that link telling you it’s all going to be fine! A phishing attack can be successful in 3 minutes or less.”How can anyone be that stupid! This could never happen to me!” you might think while reading a phishing report. You are wrong!

There are new ways of cunning phishing attacks using high technology solutions Trojans entering your computer without you even thinking the word phish. Just by clicking the wrong place, or having the wrong e-mail program can cause you to be exposed to a Trojan, which sleeps in your computer. When you go to your trusted bank, however, the Trojan awakens and starts a key logger spy ware which registers your every move and makes screen prints for greater ease in “withdrawing your money right after”.

Phishers have a variety of tricks up their sleeves to complete the illusion of representing your local bank or other web business. By making you trust in them, phisher can gain unauthorized access to your emails, banking account, your MasterCard or any other account demanding identification.

Some tactics followed by these sharpies are:

"If you don't respond within 48 hours, your account will be closed."

*These messages convey a sense of urgency so that you'll respond immediately without thinking. Phishing e-mail might even claim that your response is required because your account might have been compromised.

"Dear Valued Customer."

*Phishing e-mail messages are usually sent out in bulk and often do not contain your first or last name.

"Verify your account."

*Businesses should not ask you to send passwords, login names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through e-mail. If you receive e-mail from Microsoft asking you to update your credit card information, do not respond: this phishing scam.

"Click the link below to gain access to your account."

*HTML-formatted messages can contain links or forms that you can fill out just as you'd fill out a form on a Web site. The links that you are urged to click may contain all or part of a real company's name and are usually "masked," meaning that the link you see does not take you to that address but somewhere different, usually a phony Web site.

Been Phished?

What should you do if you have been phished? Rule of thumb is to immediately report phishing scams to the right authority to prevent others from being fooled!

Being phished can mean having your credit card information given away, banking accounts or your Ebay account given away. Furthermore a trojan could have been downloaded on your computer. Someone might even steal your personal information, make reservations, get passports, and commit crimes in your name, making a case of identity theft.Depending on your case there are reaction patterns, which should be followed. The most important thing is to act immediately and report phishing to minimize the damage. If you hesitate you can become completely or partial liable for the damage done to you and others.

Escape the phish hook !

• If you receive an unexpected e-mail saying your account will be shut unless you confirm our billing information do not reply or click any links in the e-mail body.

• Before submitting financial information through website look for the lock icon in the status bar. It means your information is secure during transmission.

• Suspicious e-mails can be forwarded to

• Do not click any links provided in the e-mails. Instead type the URL in the address bar.

• Periodically check your accounts to ensure no one's making unauthorized changes or purchases.

Phishing, as you can see, is showing disturbing signs of evolving, with attacks becoming savvier and attackers beginning to share code and techniques with virus writers and so-called crackers. The consequences could be severe. The fact that this can have a detrimental effect on e-commerce is quite perturbing.

Bottom line: email requests for passwords, credit card numbers, and other private data are never legitimate.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Anger, when channeled into the pursuit of change, can be a useful tool in our emotional palette. Anger is experienced by most people, some more than others. It is when anger has no outlet and morphs into resentment that it carries with it the potential to cause great turmoil. Allowing us to assign blame for the pain we are feeling, thereby easing it, resentment tends to smolder relentlessly just below the surface of our awareness, eroding our peace of mind. The target of our resentment grows ever wicked in our minds and we rue the day we first encountered them. But resentment is merely another hue on the emotional palette and therefore within the realm of our conscious control. We can choose to let go of our resentment and to move on with our lives, no matter how painful the event that incited it.

Hanging onto resentment in our hearts does not serve us in any way. Successfully divesting ourselves of resentful feelings can be difficult, however, because doing so forces us to mentally and emotionally confront the original source of anger. When we cease assigning blame, we realize that our need to hold someone or something responsible for our feelings has harmed us. We thought we were coping with our hurt when in fact we were holding onto that hurt with a vice grip. To release resentment, we must shift our attention from those we resent back toward ourselves by thinking of our own needs. Performing a short ceremony can help you quell resentful feelings by giving tangible form to your emotions. You may want to write down your feelings and then burn the paper and close your ceremony by wishing them well. When you can find compassion in your heart, you know you are on your way to healing.

Free of resentment, we have much more energy and attention to devote to our personal development. We can fill the spaces it left behind with unconditional acceptance and joy. And, as a result of our subsequent freedom from resentment, blessings can once again enter our lives as the walls we built to contain our anger have been demolished.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Genesis of GAPE (Google Apps Premier Edition)

It all started in 2K5 when Google Apps were seeded, though it lasted only a few lines then; it was indeed born in Feb 2K6 with Gmail being introduced first. It had limited service that helped organizations like San Jose City College to offer personalized Gmail inboxes to all their users.

Soon Google Apps picked up technologies, all these Calendar, Talk and Page Creator and evolved into Google Apps for Your Domain. By October, Google Apps globalizes with support for 17 more languages. Then the start page were introduced which enabled organizations to provide a dynamic and unique-to-you central access point for essential information with custom logos, colors and your organization's own content, in addition to modules from our gadget library. (A quick word about Gadget Library: Gadget library can add features like MP3 player, gtalk, calendar..... (17241 features in all) directly to your web page)

In February 2K7 GAPE (Google Apps Premier Edition) was finally out and was ready to enter the business world. Google Apps Premier Edition is a new version designed to take on all the challenges presented by businesses with complex IT needs. For $50 per account per year, you get the whole Google Apps package plus many new business-oriented features, including access to our APIs and partner solutions (so it’s easy to integrate with existing systems), conference room scheduling for Calendar, 10GB of inbox storage, extended business hours phone support, and mobile access to your email on Blackberry devices (just in case you can't get enough at the office).However the Standard and Education Editions will continue to be offered for free much to our relief.

In September 2K7 Google announced a partnership with CapGemini, an IT consultancy and outsourcing specialist, to push its Google Docs application package to corporate customers. The Google Apps Premier Edition suite will include word-processing and spreadsheet programs, plus email, calendar and instant-messaging tools. Its selling point is that it is a browser-based product suite, so rather than each individual having software installed on their computers, it all exists on Google's servers, and anyone in a company with the relevant permission can access and edit these documents. Rather than whizzing around emails with countless Word attachments, we can simply fire up a browser and all muck in together online.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Discover the Genius within

What would you like to be remembered for? You have to evolve yourself and shape your life you should write it on a page that page may be very important page in the book of human history and you will be remember for creating that one page in the history of the nation; whether that page is a page of invention, the page of innovation or a page of discovery or the page of fighting injustice


Socrates said, “Knowledge is nothing but remembrance”

When it comes to memory….

Research says that every human being in this world has more than 10,000 crores of brain cells, but people say that “I forgot”, “I missed things”, my memory falling”. Are we not insulting our brain by saying every time” I forgot”? This was the one to hit me hard and inspired me to go the level of rediscovering my memory power and made me to set a national and world record in memory. I was delighted to see my name in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS. Thanks to MAX academy chennai, without them it is not possible. Now, I keep sharpening my memory by doing a lot of demos in colleges universities and corporate societies.

If I can do it! Anybody can do it!

How do I say this?

I know a girl who used to suffer from a memory problem, use to struggle in exams due to lack of memory. I felt very bad about her memory power and her struggle to remember even small issues but today people say that, she is a memory expert. People are awestruck by her memory power. You must be wondering who that is?

Yes… that’s me…

How did this happen?

This dramatic change happened due to MAX academy Chennai. I learned many memory techniques and went to an extent of setting records.

If a person with such a bad memory is able to set a record, then anybody can do it provided you have a lot of self-belief and perseverance.

My thumb rule is “very few succeed by nature but everyone can excel by nurture”

“The greatest discovery of your lifetime is discovering yourself” so, let us research (re-search) ourselves to reach great heights

Is it not true, what do you say?


If not you…..who else can!

If not now…..when!

by Bhooma,
Holder of Limca Book of Records

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vista Babbles

More than 2000 programmers…

Just like the programmers, were the bugs.

*The most prominent feature of Windows Vista is its cost, it is more costly than earlier os versions.

* Vista doesn’t get stable on primary computer, even after swapping out all the bad memory. This same PC has worked with and continues to work with Windows XP just fine.

*Even with the good memory in the computer, it locks up every hour or two and forces to hard shut the system to reboot.

*DVD playback in Windows Medial Player or Media Center will only play in interlaced mode making it VERY ugly.

*IE7 embedded Windows Media Video playback won't support anamorphic video and forces the video to play in 4:3 modes as oppose to widescreen 16:9 mode.

*Vista bug puts a snag in network traffic when music is playing. It looks like Vista users that have noticed a slowdown in network traffic while they were playing music

*Default hybrid sleep mode is very annoying if system crashes because on the next reboot, it takes minutes to reload a gigabyte from hard drive and it stays that way until you shut down properly shut down Vista.

*Minor changes in hardware will sometimes prevent Vista from booting up. So much for the great driver independent imaging model

* File Replacement Dialog Is Mouse Only

Copy a file and paste it so that you'll get the Copy File prompt for "There is already a file with the same name in this location." Now, without using the mouse, try and execute one of the options. Sure, you can TAB to each of the options, but you can't hit ENTER to actually execute one; you have to click it with the mouse. Also, as a side note to this buggy dialog, TAB allows you to tab to the different "buttons," but the cursor keys only allow you to switch between Copy and Don't copy - leaving "Copy, but keep both files" out of the cursor key loop, even though the cursor keys let you go up off the "Copy, but keep both files," it doesn't let you get back to it.

Not only that, but when on right click and pasting some file, the file replacement dialog is shown, but isn't the active window! No Window is active! You have to mouse click the dialog to even get it to accept keyboard input.

*Standard User Can't See User Pictures

If you are logged on as a Standard User, and UAC is on, going into the User Accounts and selecting "Manage another account" prompts you for the Admin password, then once in the list of accounts, only the guest account has a picture, the rest are blank.

*End Task Opens Behind Task Manager

If you press CTRL-ALT-DEL to task Manager, it runs "Always on Top" by default. Choosing a "Not Responding" program and selecting "End Task" causes the resulting dialog to appear behind the Task Manager.

*Microsoft has released a security patch for Windows Vista to resolve the vulnerabilities on its small desktop applications, Vista Gadgets, which could allow an anonymous remote attacker to run code with the privileges of the logged on user.

And at last, don't forget to check this out,

1. Go to start>control panel>other>system maintenance>system>advanced system settings> startup recovery> uncheck the automatic restart.

Result...... same thing...restarts on shutdown

2. Done a selective startup by only allowing certain programs to run on startup diagnose program conflicts maybe?

RESULT...... same issue

Movie Maker HDV preview is shifted downwards until you toggle widescreen preview.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

What You Ought To Know Before Switching On Your Bluetooth

Wonder what we are trying to say??? Well, how many of you know about Bluejacking or Bluesnarfing. Not many hands go up, do they?? Well that’s what we are going to talk about in this write up.

So what is Bluetooth in the first place? Bluetooth technology enables your digital peripherals to talk to each other without needing wires and cables. Being an 'open specification' means that any manufacturer can make a Bluetooth device and it will also allow transfer of data to any other Bluetooth device from any other manufacturer. Bluetooth devices are only designed to operate over short ranges - typically less than 10m (30 feet).

Then so what is this term Bluejacking. Bluejacking is a new term used to define the activity of sending anonymous messages using Bluetooth to other Bluetooth equipped devices (typically PDAs and Mobile Phones) in range of the senders’ device.

Whilst the ability to receive such messages can be disabled or the Bluetooth functionality of the device can be switched off, the fun nature of Bluejacking is likely to encourage people to participate and to enjoy the new phenomenon.

Still wondering what it means. Lets say its analogous to what we use everyday Orkut. It allows us to connect to people whom we never know. Its fun if we use it in the right sense to connect with people, but when it falls in the wrong hands it becomes a medium of criminal activities too. Want to make it even simple. It’s just hacking using Bluetooth (but the techies would obviously disprove us defining it like this)

In today’s scientific world every innovation has a grey side unless we show discretion in using them. Similarly there is also a code of rules that must be mentioned before we go any further.

Bluejacking is meant for FUN! So make sure it is.

No-one has yet written a definitive statement on what is allowed or not-allowed and so we have given you some common sense rules below:

Don't send abusive messages

Don't threaten anyone

Don't put your personal information in a Bluejack message

Don't reveal yourself to the 'victim'

Do disable Bluetooth if you don't want to be Bluejacked

Firstly you need to have a Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone or PDA - if you have then great, if not then you will not be able to enjoy the world of Bluejacking - sorry.

Whilst you can choose to "Accept" the message it's best to avoid doing so.

If Accepted then the message will be added into your own Contact Phone Book and that could fill up quite quickly. If the sender has added any additional information into the Contact that they sent you then you can only see this by

Accepting it and then opening up the new Contact. However as the idea behind

Bluejacking is sending simple messages there is nothing to be gained by storing

it. Simply choose "Delete" or "Erase" and then get your own back on them

The future of Bluejacking holds many interesting possibilities. Especially, to all you marketing savvy’s and Mba’s out there. Bluejacking holds the key to personalised advertising of your product. So good bye to all jingle’s and ad’s. The New Age of publicising has arrived.

Best of all this is completely free of charge - no 10p text messages or phone calls and not finding that the other person lives 150 miles away - they are in the same bus/queue/class or train as you are.

So the future is blue, not pink.

Wondering if it’s a movie link? No, it just demonstrates how Bluejacking turns to Bluesnarfing when it falls in the hands of real time hackers

So, what’s Bluesnarfing?? Confidential data can be obtained, anonymously, and without the owner's knowledge or consent, from Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. This data includes, at least, the entire phonebook and calendar, and the phone's IMEI.

The Bluesnarfing is a more detailed elaborate planned attack.

First is Data collection. This gives primarily the Bluetooth name, address of mobile, class of mobile, real time clock.

Then the blue bug attack. It is to set up covert serial channel to device. In other words with this facility, it is possible to use the phone to initiate calls to premium rate numbers, send sms messages, read sms messages, connect to data services such as the Internet, and even monitor conversations in the vicinity of the phone. Bluetooth access is only required for a few seconds in order to set up the call. Call forwarding diverts can be set up, allowing the owner's incoming calls to be intercepted, either to provide a channel for calls to more expensive destinations, or for identity theft by impersonation of the victim.

Thirdly the Backdoor attack, it involves establishing a trust relationship through the "pairing" mechanism, but ensuring that it no longer appears in the target's register of paired devices. In this way, unless the owner is actually observing their device at the precise moment a connection is established, they are unlikely to notice anything untoward, and the attacker may be free to continue to use any resource that a trusted relationship with that device grants access to.

Finally, we have the Snarf attack. It is possible, on some makes of device, to connect to the device without alerting the owner of the target device of the request, and gain access to restricted portions of the stored data therein, including the entire phonebook and any images or other data associated with the entries, calendar, real-time clock, business card, properties, log, International Mobile Equipment Identity (which uniquely identifies the phone to the mobile network, and is used in illegal phone 'cloning').

This is normally only possible if the device is in "discoverable" or "visible" mode, but there are tools available on the Internet that allow even this safety net to be bypassed.

So, how do u Bluejack?? Well, it’s pretty simple once you have downloaded the tools from one of the following links…once you have opened the application, all you have to do is scan for Bluetooth devices and select one of the devices and (type and send the message) attack them

I think now you got what we tried to say in the title. Bluejacking is fun, if within the limits. Just don’t try to use it to spam or abuse people even worse don’t snarf them.

So how do we protect one against blue snarfing? Well, there are no fixes till now though some brand of mobiles claim to have plugged the holes to make it safe against backdoor attacks. But hey we never know. So for now to permanently remove a pairing, and protect against future BACKDOOR attacks, it seems you must perform a factory reset, but this will, of course, erase all your personal data.

However, Bluejacking is a completely different ball. It’s now being accepted abroad as what we can call a social networking tool. Do we want it? Doesn't really matter, because, if you don't then simply switch off the Bluetooth. "just say no". :)

Me, I can't wait! And for those who after reading this have got hooked on to Bluejacking, GO AHEAD! But hey remember play it safe.

In case it all goes wrong:

If you manage to identify your victim and they are looking angry rather than puzzled & confused, our advice is to run, not walk, in the opposite direction! Have fun.


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