Monday, December 17, 2007

Memories Forever

Travelling through the journey called life in the realm of time, memories speak a lot on the path of your travel. once you reach your destiny and when you desire to turn back, you'll have those memories as monuments standing tall as milestones in your path of travel waiting for your revisit. you would have travelled the way with victories, defeats, love, guilt, affection, pain, tears, friendship,etc all these remain as memories. as your journey cascades into time some of you may not wish to turn around to see , for them their memories would have ruined and would disappear ruthlessley in time.though time makes you to travel in different directions, the memories will always be behind you like the shadow, following you always though these memories cannot be seen they can be felt deep within your heart and whenever you feel these memories there'll alwaya be a small smile and tears cornering your eyes. you travel the way which your brain indicates but when you listen to the voice deep within your heart ,it always say you to travel back to those memories whether sweet or not , to enjoy the pain again, again and again.

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