Monday, February 11, 2008

An incident known as a battle

The battle of bean field is not actually a war but an incident which took place on June 1, 1985. Wiltshire Police brutally attacked and prevented several hundred new age travelers (Peace Convoy) from entering the Stonehenge. There was a legal exclusion zone set up four miles around Stonehenge. The new age travelers hoped to breach this Police blockade and wanted to spend the night in the sight of the Stonehenge. The Police stopped them by filling the roads near the check post by many loads of gravel. The Police then attacked the vehicles, who stopped due to the blockade. Police then smashed the windscreen and arrested all the occupants. The remaining occupants then fled to the nearby grass field.

The convoy found themselves trapped in the fields, and no where to escape. They even negotiated with the police. Chief Constable then ordered the arrest of those people who tried to breach the zone (i.e), new age travelers. This brutal attack by the police was compared to the miners' strike. Official numbers said eight police officers and sixteen travelers were taken to hospital with minimal bruises. One traveler suffered from a fractured skull. The travelers were tried at a special court and were jailed. The photo took the photographers were all obstructed. After six years the travelers won their case against the Wiltshire Police, and got their damage relief.


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