Friday, February 15, 2008

A few good men...Intense, meaningful

Countless influential dramas have been made all along the history of motion pictures. This is one of few to assemble intense definitive drama with a funny script, full of clever dialog. The assembly of nothing but esteemed skilled actors guarantees splendid performances throughout the movie. This would have been an almost perfect film if it wasn't for one little consistency issue regarding Colonel Jessep. Until the very end of the film, the script portrays the circumstances from Jessep's point of view with gruesome precision, but after his confession he becomes a man with no apparent sense of causal relations. The fact that the man who formerly went to such extremes as to make entire flights fade to cover his secret, doesn't understand the effects of him confessing that secret, in the court of law, makes me confused. Of course you could argue that the colonel lives by the rules and notions of the Marine Corps and doesn't fully comprehend the world outside. I still don't accept it entirely though, but that doesn't matter much overall. This is an excellent film. Watch it, watch it again and then re-watch it. You won't be disappointed.

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