Sunday, February 10, 2008

Addicted to Donut???!!!??

Is it the hey,hi, how you doing?,
Or the dude,nm,howz it going?,
Perhaps the emoticons tat bring out your feelings?,
Hey,maybe its ORKUT with which we ‘re dealing !

From google s shoes I’ d quote,
With an outdated social coat?
Or the cliché single, ready to mingle? ;-)

Then do join our party jingles,
With an a la carte of scraps,
And refreshing testimonials,
To compliment a platter of communities,
Topped with creamy fan fraternities.

Ah,I ‘d be damned if I forget to mention,
The “yello wanna make fraanship” situation ,
Inevitably followed by your smile is a sensation.
And a torrent of sensless punctuations.

Before your patience ebbs astray,a word of caution,
Is it best to simply keep away?,
Nay, why miss the fun tat comes your way?,
Like Albus Dumbledore says,
“Use It Well”,at bay!

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My World said...

we have exchanged links already.



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