Thursday, February 7, 2008

Human errors and piracy were the reasons for The Devil's Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, or the Devil's Triangle, is a region situated in the northwestern Atlantic ocean. A number of Aircrafts and Vessels are reported to have disappeared in that region. The reasons for their disappearance is still debated on. The circumstances of such disappearances fall beyond human errors and natural disasters.

The disappearance of some of the surface vessels is attributed to piracy. As the Pirates are more common in the Seas of the Carribean, ships would have been robbed and destroyed without a trace.Piracy grew vigorously in the carribean due to the presence of british seaports in Jamaica and at Tortuga. Those days drug smugglers also stole some pleasure boats for smuggling operations. The loss of some aircrafts can be cited to human errors as the aircrafts are not much sophisticated those days.

Moreover during the world wars the submarines would have sinked all the enemy ships in the region. The loss of USS Cyclops in 1918 and Proteus and Nereus sinked in the region due to the act of German submarines. Sinking of enemy ships in the Atlantic is a common practice of Nazis in the period of war. The Hurricanes are also prevalent in the region, the most deadly hurricane Gilbert is said to have caused more ship wrecks in the region.

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