Sunday, February 17, 2008

Russia questions US...Is this a beginning of another cold war?

Only a week after the US declared that it would utilize a missile to shoot down an out of control spy satellite moving towards earth, Russia has blamed the US of using a plan to shoot down a detached spy satellite as a cover for testing an anti-satellite weapon.

A report by the Russian Defence ministry said: "predictions about the hazard of the satellite hide preparations for the classical testing of an anti-satellite weapon. Such testing means the birth of a new type of tactical weapons. The US plans to test its anti-missile defence system's technique to destroy other countries' satellites".

The Russian defence ministry protested that many countries' spacecraft had crashed to Earth in the past, and many countries utilized toxic fuel in spacecraft, but this had never before deserved such "extraordinary measures."

The US says that the satellite lost power and communications briefly after it was launched in December 2006 and is presently uncontrollable.

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