Monday, February 4, 2008

Terrorists camp in Karnataka....shocking!!

It has now emerged that terrorists training in a new terror camp in the jungles of Karnataka were training with sophisticated Israeli Uzi-sub-machine guns and with PETN - also known as Pentrite, one of the most powerful explosives in the world. These are the reasons behind the several terror attacks in south india.

The Uzis which the terrorists use i one of the best known firearms in the world,they are imported from Israel and also the explosives are very much sopisticated

Terrorists have been arrested including the Lashkar e-Taiba commander in South India and it has now emerged that there were as many 50 terrorists who were part of this ring. This network was set up in the last three months.

Investigators have unearthed a thick forest area bordering Dharwad and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka, which was used to train terrorists in the use of firearms. The training session includes drills for fighting guerilla warfare. When police teams raided the camp, Pakistani flags were spotted flying in the area which is surrounded by religious shrines.

The discovery was made during interrogation of three Islamist radicals, Riyazuddin Nasir alias Mohammed Ghouse, Asadullah Abu Bakar and Mohammed Asif, arrested last week by anti-terror cells of the police in Hubli and Devanagere.

The outcome of such deeply embedded terror networks can already be seen in the spate of terror attacks that southern India has witnessed in recent months.


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NH17 said...

Bangalore: The three suspected Muslim youths who were arrested in Honali and Hubli were not involved in any terrorist activities. They neither had intention of any destructive activities nor had any weapon been recovered from them, declared the Director General of police (DGP) and Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. K R Shrinivasan, on Monday.

He was addressing in his first press conference in Bangalore, after the sensual and malicious reporting by the local newspapers.

Almost all the Kannada and English dailies had continued their repulsive reporting. However, Vartha Bharathi, a Kannada daily from Mangalore, has disclosed the plot laid out by the Sanghpariwar's oriented dailies to marginalize the Muslim community across state by depicting them as terrorists.

The daring act of the Kannada daily Vartha Bharathi for openly disclosing the wrong reporting by mentioning the names of the Saffron-oriented dailies, Udyavani, Vijay Karnataka and Kannada Prabha is highly commendable.

According to the report published on the front page of Vartha Bharathi, Director General of Police, Mr. Shrinivasan told the press reporters that it was known that only one youth from the suspected three, Mohammed Ghouse alias Nasir had got training in Pakistan, while the other three were locals and they did not have any connection with any of the terrorist organizations, and neither they have any plan to take out harmful activities in the state.

Mr. Shrinivasan further said that in the polygraphic test that was conducted before some days, Nasir and Abdullah had not provided any important information other than the information provided by them before the test. However, Nasir had said that he had contact with a man called Abu Hamza from Pakistan.

Apart from this, no other information has been received, said the DGIP. Pointing to the reports published on the local newspapers of the state he said "the explosive type of the news which is being published was not true as they have not obtained any such type of information yet".
Deputy General of Police (DGP) of COD, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, present in the press conference said that Nasir had no connection with the Hyderabad bomb blast. However, interrupting Mr. Ajay Kumar, Mr. Shrinivasan said that the Hyderabad police was investigating the matter and nothing can be told in this regard.

It may be noted that on January11, while the Police was checking the vehicles at the Niyamathi cross in Honanalli, the police conducted the search of a blue Pulsar on the basis of their doubts. And when no documents of the vehicles were present with them, both the youths Mohammed Ghouse and Asadullah were arrested. Later, small stuffs like fake number-plate, black color purse, a CD along with road and railway maps were recovered from their possession. Both the youths were presented before the court, where a case of theft was registered against them. Later Muhammad Asif and Allah Bakhsh were arrested on the charges of supporting them in the theft. During the search of their homes, some religious books, digital diaries and some literature etc. were seized.

Giving the further details, Mr. Shrinivasan said that the case has been handed over to the COD, who is investigating it.

A gelatin and a hand grenade have been seized from the place near Dharwad by tracking the information disclosed by Muhammad Asif during the interrogations.

On this occasion, replying to the question by the press reporters Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh said that any of these arrested youths were not connected with SIMI. "Whether it is the blast of the Hyderabad or any other place, these youths are not involved in any type of the explosion activities." Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh opined.

Slapping the media, he said that there were not any realities in the reports published in the newspapers for the cause of outshining each other.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh pointing out the news published in the newspapers about the staking of explosive in the Madrasas of North Karnataka, he said there were no realities in all these news. He further said that all such news were baseless. He requested the media not to attempt the destruction of communal harmony of the state by spreading rumors.

When asked about the reports published in the newspapers on Saturday, in which Mirza Ahmed Baig was presented as a big terrorist, refuting the reports he said that nobody has been arrested. He said that till now only four people had been arrested. He also disapproved the reports of arresting of any student from Tumkur's engineering college.

On this occasion, the Commissioner of Bangalore city, Mr. Neelam Achhutha Rao, Joint Civil Commissioner, Mr. Gopal Hussur, and the DIG of COD, Mr. Alok Kumar were also present.


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