Thursday, May 22, 2008

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How long yul be asking your parents for your pocket money. Come on guys there is a wonderful and easy way to earn money. The key is to just blog and get the approval with A good friend of mine has been getting paid for blogging about web sites, products, services, and companies and she recommended I check out She has made some serious money and was fairly convincing of the idea that with a little dedication I could do the same. Even though I have two all consuming children, I can usually still squeeze in some internet time. I’ve been blogging for years about my life, the things I love, and the products/companies/websites I’ve enjoyed. PayPerPost helps bloggers get paid for creating and publishing advertiser sponsored content. I will review, promote and market products, services and websites on behalf of PayPerPost advertisers. I thought that I may as well make some much needed extra cash from the people who benefit from my opinions as I have no shortage of opinion about nearly everything. And I feel that honest reviews of products are worth my time. There were some requirements to be met to have my blog accepted and sadly I was rejected the first time around. I needed to post blogs more regularly anyway and with my children getting older and more independent I’ve finally been able to do so. The website was clean and user friendly- no problems navigating or understanding the information. I was pleased with the word of mouth ethics at payperpost too. I’m pretty excited to be presented with the opportunity to use my blog to make some money. And in case you were wondering, I have no intention of selling my soul…just my blog posting prowess.


********* said...

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garyshack said...

The person who owns this blog doesn't know what integrity means. She copied my article in SR verbatim. Now, I am suspended. I am Filipino too that you messed up with. You are disgusting..


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