Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cool blog..rant-here.com

I never did get to the top of Google for any keywords. I really found it hard to get a high-traffic keywords for my blog. Oh! I almost forgot. I did get one, yes I did. The keyword was Ashley Youmans. If you are going to visit blogsearch.google.com and search for Ashley Youmans, VIOLA! I ranked number one. It was the only time I have had a very high-trafic for my blog. Damn, have to find good keywords again.

Just these morning I get myself online to check my email what is new. And of course to google the net for a good keywords for my blog. I was just about to start googling the net when these Comic Architecture site caught my attention. And guess what? I found something very very funny picture of Brno’s Penis Clock. I’m sorry if these may not sound very funny to you readers coz for me it is. On their blog (rant-here.com) you can found a post of an asian picture that can make the viewers hard to choose who are the girls, who are the boys, and who are the twins of th picture. Also, it is very hard to count how many girls and how many boys in the said picture. If you believe that Life is funny then, these blog is worth a visit.

If you need more exposure of your blog without spending any amount, you can make a review of the Funny blog and contact them with the URL of the review so the can maka a review of your blog.

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