Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Osama bin Laden shot dead in India

Wild life authorities in Assam, India have killed a rogue elephant, who was so feared villagers named him after Osama bin Laden, wildlife officials said yesterday.

The public named him Osama Bin laden after he evaded two attempts to kill him. It was also blamed for the death of a woman near the thickly wooded evergreen jungle where it lives. This rogue Elephant is also blamed for 14 other deaths.

Conflicts between humans and elephants is a normal thing in recent years as the destruction of the elephants’ natural habitat has expanded, forcing them to come for food in human areas.

The North East Region in India is said to have about 6000 Elephants.In the past 5 years more than 200 people have been killed by the elephants and about 250 elephants were killed in return by the public

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