Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aliens – A Reality or Imagination

One thing that has left me perplexed is the concept of extra-terrestrial life.Extra-terrestrial life is life originating outside of the earth. Its existence remains theoretical; there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life that has been widely accepted by the scientific community. However, many scientists believe that if extraterrestrial life exists, its emergence occurred independently, in different places in the universe.

The enthusiasm toward the possibility of alien life continued well into the twentieth century. Indeed, roughly three centuries from the Scientific Revolution through the beginning of the modern era of solar system, probes were essentially the zenith for belief in extraterrestrials in the West. Many astronomers and other secular thinkers, at least some religious thinkers, and much of the general public were largely satisfied that aliens were a reality. This trend was finally tempered as actual probes visited potential alien abodes in the solar system.

Flying Saucers have been witnessed in the skies for a long time by many people in the past. The wide number of types of flying saucers seen is vast. However a pattern seems to have emerged in the types of crafts witnessed by people around the world. ” The heady days of flying saucers and close encounters with unearthly beings appear to be numbered” wrote Jonathan Margolis in Time Magazine in August 1992.

Several incidents of Alien encounters have been reported in the past. As described in The UFO Report 1992 and Alien Contact , five small, apparently alien creatures were observed by many witnesses in the Cabo Rojo area in the early hours of August 31,1990.One of these witnesses ,Miguel Figueroa, approached the beings, and he reported that they were grey, very thin, with large heads, pointed ears, a slit-like mouth, small nose, and large white almond-shaped eyes. As he drew closer in his car, Figueroa said that a blinding light emitted from the being’s eyes, forcing him to stop. They turned and continued walking down a road, then jumped over a small bridge and headed along a river bed towards the Laguna Cartagena, leaving three-toed foot-prints.

Another encounter near the Laguna Cartagena was reported by Eleuterio Acosta, a very serious eighty-year-old man who lives in the Olivares sector, just in front of the radar blimp facility. He says that he was once surrounded by five of these small grey creatures as he entered his home. He managed to confront them with a stick and yelled at them, at which point a sixth,taller creature of the same type communicated with the other five, and they all jumped out through a window and fled quickly, heading towards the Sierra Bermeja.

Also,unusual animal behavior was to be expected from alien encounters, as reported in sightings of UFOs.Dogs,cats,parrots and a rabbit showed signs of irrational behavior.The dogs displayed fear

and excitement, running around the house in a frenzy. Two of them would not go outside the next day,and one hid under the bed all night. Another dog did not react to the UFO or the noise, most probably because it was deaf. Three parrots got excited, fluffed their feathers and perked their ears. A rabbit sought shelter at the very rear of its pen. All the mammals recovered their normal behavior within a week.

Even in recent times, several alien encounters have been reported and extensive research is being carried out on it. The possible existence of primitive(microbial) life outside of Earth is much less controversial to mainstream scientists although at present no direct evidence of such life has been found .Indirect evidence has been offered for the current existence of primitive life on the planet Mars. However, the conclusions that should be drawn from such evidence remain in debate.

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