Sunday, January 20, 2008

Generating a Framework for Aspect-Oriented Software using Dependency graph

Representations called dependence graphs are developed to represent aspect-oriented programs. This algorithm first constructs a module dependence graph (MDG) for each piece of advice, introduction, and method in aspects and classes. It then connects the MDGs at call sites to form a partial dependency graph. Finally, it weaves the MDG for each piece of advice into a final dependency graph for those methods whose behaviour may be affected by the advice.This results in a complete dependency graph. Our dependency graph capture the additional structure present in many aspect-oriented features such as join points, advice, introduction, aspects, and aspect inheritance, and various types of interactions between aspects and classes. They also correctly reflect the semantics of aspect-oriented concepts such as advice precedence, introduction scope, and aspect weaving. Dependency graph therefore provide a solid foundation for the further analysis of aspect-oriented programs.

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