Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pixar again

Ratatouille is really a fantastic animation of the last year and also with a great story for a perfect animation story. Animation of this film is brilliant. So great that at the end of the credits, they actually inserted a disclaimer saying "100% genuine animation, no motion capture was used." !! Somehow they manged to create believable animation without making it look CG - and that goes for both human characters as well as the rats. The overall look of the whole film has this a dreamy soft look to it that equals to the romantic Paris that one would associate. Pixar made everything look real and believable that often times I would forget I am watching an animated feature. The food rendering are simply amazing. If there is a 3D version of the film, I am sure I would reach out to grab the food. I have been disappointed with the three films that came out earlier in the year (Shrek Pirates, Spiderman - interestingly they are all part 3 of a threequel.). But now finally a great film for the summer.

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