Sunday, March 9, 2008

10000 BC is a Crap

A much awaited film, Epic story, should have done well in the box office but its not amusing and entertaining. Its full of crap and inaccuracies.Went to a preview screening last night. Thankfully I did not have to pay for this one, but had to endure it. Yup, the negative reviews are right on the money. This movie is plagued by weak dialogue ("we are tired, we sleep here?") weaker characters (laughable old mother, Diva Plavalaguna ripoff aww come on get real), and the weakest story (recycled from vastly superior Apocalypto, Mel should get a cut or an apology). The SP effects were inconsistent, needed more saber tooth and what was with those attack chickens (even more laughable). Heck, even when D'Leh makes his big Leader speech to the tribes before the final battle, didn't we already see this scene in 1996 with President Whitmore declaring our Independence Day? Want more about King Leonidas spear throw on Xerxes? Maybe Roland was paying tribute to the genre, but I seriously doubt it. Makes us miss Astronaut Taylor & Nova, heck even Beast master Dar & Kiri all did it so much better. Anyway the 1 star is for Evolet for teasing us throughout.

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