Friday, June 13, 2008

Madagascar plan of the Holocaust!!

While Jews were murdered on mass scale since 1939, in 1940 some Nazis considered eliminating Jews by the unrealistic Madagascar Plan which, however futile, in retrospect did constitute an important psychological step on the path to the Holocaust. The planning was carried out by Eichmann's office; Heydrich called it a "territorial final solution". The plan was to ship all European Jews to the African island of Madagascar. In view of the difficulties of supporting more population in the General Gouvernment in July 1940 Hitler, still hoping for success with the Madagascar plan, stopped the deportation of Jews there. This was however very temporary as the military situation offered no possibility to conquer Britain. The plan may have been foreseen as a remote and slower genocide through the unfavorable conditions on the island.Although the Final Solution was already in place and Jews were being exterminated, the formal declaration of the Plan's end was made abandoned on February 10, 1942, when the German Foreign Office was given an official explanation that due to the war with the Soviet Union Jews are going to be "sent to the east"


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